Exhibition Update

Slowly but surely we are gearing ourselves up to the grand opening of ‘Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun’, Hartwig’s very own solo exhibition in the downstairs of our Greenwich gallery-shop, detailing his working methods and the steps he takes to create the finished works you may be more familiar with upstairs. For the past few weeks now we’ve had some of Hartwigs early sketches hanging on our wall ready and waiting in position to be mounted in perspex and we’ve also been busy framing some of the original line drawings, as well as putting together an installation and generally all-round prepping for the big event. We at Arty Globe are so excited that this is finally about to get off the ground, but none more-so than Hartwig himself:

“Basically having the opportunity to show people how I work, how I start, showing them the process and the different phases that I have to go through to get to what you all see normally day to day upstairs, (in the shop) is deeply satisfying. What until now has been hidden in the studio can be shown to the public, which can enable them to visually participate in the understanding of my creative process. It also very rewarding to be able to show for the first time the initial stages of development, the works progress as well as the final line drawings done by hand. Our concept for this space will give us the flexibility to show various commissions outside of the Arty Globe shop space as well as introducing new drawings as and when I create them allowing to follow my journey, so to speak.” 

The event itself launches with an opening party on 4th February 2016, from 6:30pm. Complimentary drinks are provided free on arrival, so come down and join us for what will surely be a brilliant and inspiring evening!




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