From The Drawing Board


If you couldn’t already tell from the range of finished artworks that are available from viewing our website of even from visiting our gallery shop, theres a lot on offer in terms of finished artworks developed for the Arty Globe brand. However, Hartwig is constantly hard at work either expanding this range, or working on his own personal ventures and commissions from other people which you don’t necessarily get to see in the public sphere.

From The Drawing Board is designed to give you a glimpse into the world of which Hartwig works, from his studio just above Greenwich Market. Every month we plan to update you with his latest project as it happens, complete with images of his current working patterns as well as a few words from the Artist himself in regards to what he’s up to and how he’s feeling about his projects. We wanted to provide you with an even greater understanding into his working perspective, something which we are also keen to demonstrate in our Upcoming Exhibition Hand Drawn by Hartwig Braun.

Our first ever edition is dedicated to one of Hartwig’s previous commissions of a UK map, which he’s currently re-adapting for the means to be developed into our product range as well as his own portfolio.

Head over to Hartwig’s personal blog by clicking here to follow what he’s up to!


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