Our Jigsaw Range


Jigsaws are one of our most popular products in the Arty Globe Gallery shop and its easy to see why. A timeless entertainer, even through the sweeping convenience of the digital age jigsaws still manage to be an addictive yet testing experience for the individual and as a group activity.

We feel our range perfectly resonates to multiple age groups, skill levels and budgets therefore designed to suit all, particularly in our traditional cardboard range. Our 20 piece piece puzzles are perfect for young children with big colourful images of famous London landmarks designed to educate but also entertain. 54 and 100 piece jigsaws are also available for anyone looking for their children to build from this, or just as a quick time consumer for anyone whilst on the go. The latter has been recently expanded from a 4 to a 7 design range, including various London locations, New York, Paris and Edinburgh.


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 17.10.04.png


One of our most popular jigsaws in our range is out 1000 piece cardboard puzzle, which we currently sell in-store and online for £25. This is a fantastic way to study the artwork from a different perspective and really focus on the details that are contained within Hartwigs intricate line drawings as you piece it together. Currently our designs that cover out 1000 piece range are ‘London Looking East’, ‘London Looking West’, ‘Our Wonderful Planet’ and ‘Sydney Looking South’, with the intention of adding Hartwig’s latest view of the local area entitled ‘Greenwich to Canary Wharf’ We ourselves are currently trying to put together our the ‘London Looking West’ puzzle and its safe to say we’ve found it testing!




Not quite ready for a challenge such as this? then fear not! We also offer a 400 piece cardboard jigsaw of Hartwigs 2008 image of Greenwich, which is still a challenge but the perfect starting point if you feel our 100 piece pocket jigsaw isn’t enough of a brain teaser for you.

We are also almost on our way to ensuring all of our Jigsaws are UK produced, something we are extremely passionate about when it comes to our whole product range and not just our puzzles. Initially we outsourced our production for our cardboard jigsaws from Europe, but since the arrival of our UK made Wentworth wooden puzzles, we’ve strived to source UK suppliers of similar quality to produce our cardboard variations.

Click here to see our full comprehensive jigsaw range online.


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