Silk Scarves

Winter is very much upon us right now, but Spring is also on the way meaning whilst there’s a temptation to ditch the winter wear and keep things simple, staying wrapped up is still very much important, which is why we’d like to mention that here at Arty Globe we offer something that’s perfect for this time of year, in the form of our silk scarf range.

Made from the highest quality habotai silk, it’s lightweight, durable and most importantly beautiful to look at, making it the perfect statement piece or something to compliment a pre-existing look. These can also be worn around waists, wrists or even as headbands even making them also extremley adaptable! If that wasn’t enough these scarves are also UK made, keeping to our ongoing vision and commitment to providing you with the best quality British product



Coming in two sizes, a range of colour variations and visions of various parts the London skyline, there’s a scarf to suit all tastes, needs and ages. All scarves also come in a premium white presentation box, making it also ideal gift for that special someone!

Click here to shop our range, starting from as little as £35.


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