Drawstring Rucksacks

Its officially half term! The market is suitably bustling with families and children alike, no doubt with plenty of then expecting a treat from their parents. With school just around the corner once again, what better way to set them off into the second half of the spring term but treating them with a brand new Drawstring Rucksack! This is an ideal way for them to carry their equipment, lunches or even PE kits in a colourful and unique fashion. They certainly won’t blend in with these, and will most definitely be the talk of the playground!

We’ve even updated our range, which previously consisted of only 3 British Icon designs – ‘Teapot’, ‘Telephone Box’ and ‘Royal Guards’ (which you can find here), but the range now includes collages of the ‘London Skyline’ and of our previously used icons which you can see below:













All of our rucksacks are made from durable 100% Cotton fabric and of course, produced and printed in the UK.

Click here to see and shop our range, priced at £14.



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