Our 100% Cotton Aprons

Arguably one of our most popular products that we offer has to be our extensive apron range. Adored by manier customer for their colourful designs and wide range of choice on offer, there really is an Apron to suit all tastes and genders. With Mothers day just around the corner and Fathers Day not too far away, this is the perfect gift for any passionate foodie!

The Aprons themselves all comprise of crops from many of Hartwigs popular finished London drawings which include ‘London Looking East’, ‘London Looking West’, and the 2009 Version of Hartwigs ‘Greenwich’ image. The images on these Aprons have also been made to be monochromatic in a choice of colours as well as in instagram-style montages and with a dozen different variations on offer, there really is an apron for everyone.


Hugely iconic London landmarks and cityscapes have been emphasised in these fun and exciting pieces which include ‘The Shard’,’The London Eye’, ‘The O2’ (previously the ‘Millennium Dome’). The selected images have also been sensitive to the hustle and bustle of London life which Hartwigs works are extremely well known for. This means its not just the biggest, well known icons on show, but also the little red busses, taxis and even people which make London what it is still a large part of these products.


We also sell aprons with one of our most popular icons which feature on a multitude of some of our other product lines, this being the ‘Teapot’ design. This apron has a more simplistic look, but provides the ever handy and useful inclusion of a front pocket which don’t feature on our full colour cropped versions. These are perfect for people who prefer things to be more understated and provide multiple uses.


All of these designs are available in our Greenwich store, as well as online which you can find here ranging from £10 – 18.


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