The ‘Our Wonderful Planet’ Range


Easter is coming, as is the March Equinox and the clocks going forward an hour so what better way to celebrate these changes to our planet than to talk about something that fits that very mould! One of our most popular visual pieces here in our Arty Globe shop is without a doubt Hartwigs extremely special and extensive map of the world, aptly entitled ‘Our Wonderful Planet’. Featuring an extensive amount of iconography relative to every continent exposing its wildlife, cultures, landmarks and traditions, as well as featuring the planets that surround us as well as the worlds airlines. Its an extremely popular piece as you can probably tell!


We touch about this a lot more with a post Hartwig has made on his own blog about the piece, which can be found here.

In terms of ‘Our Wonderful Planet’ as a product however, size really does matter here. Because its such an extensive piece with lots of little fine details and things to pick out, this image is spread into our ranges that really help keep things expansive and visible. We offer art prints of this in a variety of size-points (from 70 x 50cm or even made to measure) as well as also offering it as an open edition canvas also in a range of sizes.


Perhaps our most popular product that features this image however is the jigsaw ranges we offer in our store. We have a 1000 piece cardboard variation which goes with a variety of other 1000 piece jigsaws in our range, as well as a 500 piece Wentworth wooden jigsaw featuring those infamous ‘Whimsey Pieces’ which are designed to be tricker and feel a little bit more special to the touch. We also used to offer an extremely special 1500 piece wooden version of this image which priced an extremely tough challenge to complete in its entirety! However this is something we no longer produce.


You can purchase one of these jigsaws online or in our store for £25 and £59 each.


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