Our Square Print Range

Aside from the obvious favourites when it comes to the products we offer here at Arty Globe, such as our our jigsaws, mugs and of course our aprons, Hartwigs art as a stand-alone product has understandably always been something that’s just as popular. One of the brilliant things about our Gallery Shop is our in-house facilitation to print to order which means we can not only offer limited but also open edition images that cover the broad and exciting portfolio that Hartwig himself now holds in the form of canvas, framed and mounted print.

We offer prints in various sizepoints, designs and finish, but by far one of our most popular and most loved ones which we want to mention here, are our open edition square mounted and framed prints.

The perfect size for any room, wall or mantelpiece, It’s also one of the most accessible ways for people to own a piece of Hartwigs unique perspective. Probably the biggest draw of this product range is the ‘range’ itself which to date is extremely broad, and is only set to get broader. Hartwig has worked on a huge amount of locations that don’t just cover the City of London, but also spread across the whole of England and Scotland including Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh.



It isn’t just London which gets a look-in in terms of choice here, various other locations feature in the selection too, meaning if you’re visiting or thinking for the perfect gift for a friend from a foreign location to remind them a little bit of home, this could be the perfect thing.

Hartwig’s images of Sydney, New York, Paris, Rome, Venice, Berlin and Barcelona have all been re-composed for this range, with more sure to come as Hartwig gradually expands his portfolio and also his travels.


It’s not just the many locations that were proud to offer but also a vast selection of styles to choose from. As you can see in the image of Paris above, there’s single colour monochromatic, black and white, retro and of course, full colour options to choose from meaning the absolute ultimate choice for all tastes and needs.

As mentioned before, these prints come in a choice of mount only and framed editions, giving you the choice to display them as you wish to suit your home, or have the hassle taken away with the image already placed into one of our high quality black frames.

It doesn’t stop there though, we also offer a small selection of our own custom curated double and triple mounted versions for those who fancy something even more special who still love the look of square crops. We also offer discounts on group purchases in this range in case you have your own idea as to how you want to group your own together at home!

Fancy one for yourself? You can access the full range of our square prints in framed and mounted variations on our website here as well as in our gallery shop, starting from as little as £18. 


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