Greenwich Market – Royal Visit



We touched on the official opening of the market last month, not only to mention the opening celebrations but also the arrival of the incredible new signs to compliment the brand-new roof. What we didn’t mention however was the impending arrival of a famous face and not just any face at that, but a royal in the form of Prince Andrew!

He made quite the entrance, opting for a green Bentley to get him here before making his presence known whilst being shown around the market, one of the many stops the Prince is currently taking as part of his tour around the country. Locals and business owners a-like couldn’t wait for his arrival and as you can see in the pictures above. There was quite the turnout, with one lady in particular not being able to resist showing off her patriotic passion, greeting the Prince in a spectacular looking union-jack inspired outfit.


Its really an exciting time for the market here in Greenwich, the improvements have really injected a new interest in the area, which has been great for business and the overall feel. The market really is at its best when its alive with shoppers and visitors alike, and what with the evenings getting lighter and the weather getting warmer we cant wait to see what these improvements bring. If you’re in the area make sure you come and see the changes, but also pop into our store and visit our downstairs gallery space!


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