Our Jigsaw Postcard Range

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These are one of our most popular products here at Arty Globe, if not the number one! Its a huge favourite for may reasons, not only because of how unique people find them, but also how accessible they are within our range. Its the perfect souvenir, wether it be something you keep for yourself or actually send to a loved one via post.

As usual, we offer a great range of designs to choose from which cover Hartwigs ever popular ‘London Icons’, Various views and crops of the City of London and its landmarks, and obviously Greenwich itself. Just like a lot of our other products that we offer at Arty Globe we offer not only full colour, but also retro and monochromatic variations of the landscape and landmark themed designs, ensuring you get a level of choice that ensures you really manage to pick a favourite.

Each postcard comes with an envelope attached, ensuring it’ll arrive to its destination safe and sound (as with the nature of jigsaws, they come apart.), all you need to do is write your message and assign the appropriate postage.


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Fancy one for yourself? You can access the full range of our Jigsaw Postcards on our website here starting from as little as £4, with discounts available of multiple purchases.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional however, and fancy flexing your creative muscles a little then these jigsaw postcards could be right up your street! Perfect fun for kids, but also a great way to kill a bit of time as an adult too, providing a beautiful way to send a message to a love one at the end!

You can access the full range of our Jigsaw Postcards on our website here at £6 each, which is currently a very special price!


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