“I have always had a passion for the metropolis. As an architect, I combine my architectural knowledge of structures to unravel the essence of a city together with artistic freedom to create these stylistic cityscapes from around the world.” (H. Braun)

This blog is about a journey. About a passion for the Metropolis and all it represents. It is about the desire of one person to illustrate the world and its major cities the way he sees them – through his eyes.

A skilled architect who has embarked on a journey of expressing his unique view of the world around him in a series of illustrations done in his comical, yet quite accurate, eye catching style.

Able to converse easily in 4 different languages and has great passion for studying maps, urban structures and googling around the earth. This intriguing guy, who previously lived and worked in Amsterdam, Paris & Berlin, also has a tremendous zest for analyzing the make up of the English language. In his spare time, you will probably find him in the kitchen cooking an exotic dish he just found in a book or magazine, googling around the globe, reading a book or engaged in a heated debate about something he is really passionate about.

All of Hartwig’s images are drawn by hand and colourised digitally. He uses bird’s eye view pictures, city maps and his personal experience gained from walking around the areas illustrated. This enables him to capture the bustling energy of a city with vibrant colours and imaginative perspectives.

To see his images and learn more why not visit our website www.artyglobe.com where you can also see familiar cities very differently indeed…

Thank you for stopping by!


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