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Once again we have some new editions to our guestbook that we want to share with our readers! Here are our favourites, are you one of them?



Our Wentworth Wooden Jigsaws


As mentioned before in one of our previous entries, we have an extensively varied range of cardboard jigsaws available in our shop and online. But what some of you may not know however is that we also sell a premium wooden range of jigsaws covering some of the same designs, and also some new.

The thing that makes these jigsaws so unique and also such a bigger challenge than our standard range, is the shape of the pieces. They aren’t in a traditional square form, but more triangular and curved but also smaller in size. But what makes these even more unique is the incorporation of the unique ‘whimsey’ pieces. These individually shaped pieces are all different and shaped around famous landmarks and iconography that lie within the image’s setting you the puzzler are building, these include ‘St Pauls Cathedral’, ‘Big Ben’ and even wildlife.






Currently our range is extensive, covering not only 250, 500 and 1000 piece varieties as well as standard 6×4 and panoramic ratios, but also a large range of subject matter. We currently have wooden jigsaws available for Berlin, Edinburgh, Our Wonderful Planet and of course all of our London variations. Previously we had a 250 Sydney jigsaw, as well as an extremely special 1500 piece version of ‘Our Wonderful Planet’ exclusively available in a Kickstarter campaign we launched 18 months ago. A video for this campaign was created for us to try and help us make this campaign a success, which you can view below. It also gives you a bit of a deeper insight as to why we chose Wentworth to produce these jigsaws for us and what makes them so special:



We’ve recently incorporated Hartwigs ‘Greenwich to Canary Wharf’ into our range too, something which we are applying to a lot of our range not only down to our location, but also to celebrate it being Hartwigs latest artistic achievement!

You can find out comprehensive range of our wooden puzzles here, starting at just £29.